Saint Hélèna medal
(St Hélèna medaille )
First date issued 1857
Amount issued

est 405.000

Value category Below Average

Napoleon Bonaparte honoured in 1857 all still living combattants who fought for France in the period 1792-1815. Among them there were Dutch soldiers.

The medal is bronze with a chocolate-brownish colour. Some of these medals were gilted by officers, like has been done with the 1830 Metal Cross and the 1825 Java Medal. These medals were not officially issued in a gilted version.

On the obverse the head of Napoleon facing right, surrounded by the text: Napoleon Empereur. On the reverse the text: " Campagnes de 1792 a 1815, a ses compagnons de glorie sa derniere pensee St Helene 5 mai 1821" (The 1792-1815 Campaigns, To his combattants of glory his last thoughts, St Helena 5th of May 1821).

St Helena medal (EN/NL/FR)