Nato Kosovo medal, Allied Force
(Navo-medaille voor Kosovo)
First date issued / (code) 1999 / (NATOAF)
Amount issued


Value category Common

NATO’s political objectives were to bring about a verifiable stop to all military action, violence and repression; the withdrawal from Kosovo of military personnel, police and paramilitary forces; the stationing in Kosovo of an international military presence; the unconditional and safe return of all refugees and displaced persons and unhindered access to them by humanitarian aid organisations; and the establishment of a political agreement for Kosovo in conformity with international law and the Charter of the United Nations. Despite strains, the Alliance held together during 78 days of air strikes in which more than 38,000 sorties – 10,484 of them strike sorties – were flown without a single Allied fatality. After first targeting the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s air defences.

Having intervened in Kosovo to protect ethnic Albanians from ethnic cleansing, NATO has been equally committed to protecting the province’s ethnic Serbs from a similar fate since the deployment of KFOR in the province in June 1999.

The Netherlands participated with 16 F-16's and two Navy-frigates. Later also a minesweeper was despatched. The misison lasted from march until june 1999.

Military also recieved the Dutch Kosovo medal

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Allied Force, Kosovo air campaign (EN)
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