Nato Macedonia Medal
(Navo-medaille Macedonie)
First date issued / (code) 2001 / (NATOM3)
Amount issued

est 550

Value category Common

Operation "Essential Harvest" was officially launched on 22 August and effectively started on 27 August 2001. This 30-day mission involved the sending of approximately 3500 NATO troops, with logistical support, to disarm ethnic Albanian groups and destroy their weapons. The Netherlands participated with 250 military from Airmobile, Military Police, Bomb Squad etc.

Following Essential Harvest, Operation Amber Fox / Tas Force Fox had the specific mandate to contribute to the protection of international monitors who oversaw the implementation of the peace plan in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The mission was deployed under German leadership with the participation of other NATO nations. Amber Fox started september 2001 and ended december 2003. The Netherlands participated with over 300 military from several arms

Unlike other Nato medals, this medal misses a clasp "Macedonia" because the Greece province of Macedonia has the same name. Greece did oppose to using the name of her province on a Nato war medal

Nato Macedonia Operation (EN)
Nato Essential Harvest Macedonia Mission (NL)
Nato Amber Fx/ Task Force Fox Mission (NL)