Nato Meritorious Medal
(Navo-medaille voor Verdienste)
First date issued 2003
Amount issued


Value category Common

The NATO Meritorious Service Medal was first awarded in 2003 to commend NATO staff whose personal initiative and dedication went beyond their duty to make a difference both to their colleagues, and to NATO as an organisation. When assessing nominations for the award, there are several criteria taken into consideration: the performance of acts of courage in difficult or dangerous circumstances; showing exceptional leadership or personal example; making an outstanding individual contribution to a NATO sponsored programme or activity; or enduring particular hardship or deprivation in the interest of NATO.

The medal has, unlike other Nato medals, a silver patina. This gives the medal, unfortunately, a rather sheap impression On the ribbon a silver-colored clasp with two Nato-stars guarding the word "Meritious" in between.

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