Nato medal non-article 5, Balkan ops
(Navo-medaille non-article 5, Balkan operaties)
First date issued 2003
Amount issued


Value category Common

Awarded for thirty days continuous or accumulated service on the land or in the air spaces of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslavia (including Kosovo), Albania, and the Former Republic of Macedonia, starting the 1 Jan 2003. This medal replaced NATO medals for the Former-Yugoslavia, Kosovo and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
With the creation of this medal, NATO abolished the practice of issuing tour numerals to recognize more than one tour with NATO forces. The “NON ARTICLE FIVE” medal is now issued once to recognize all service in the Balkans, regardless of the number of tours a member serves. This medal is authorised to replace the NATO medals issued for NATO Operations “JOINT FORGE” and “JOINT GUARDIAN”.

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