Nato medal article 5, Endeavour
(Navo-medaille article 5, operatie Active Endeavour)
First date issued 2004
Amount issued


Value category Common

Under Operation Active Endeavour, NATO ships are patrolling the Mediterranean, monitoring shipping and providing escorts to non-military vessels through the Straits of Gibraltar to help detect, deter and protect against terrorist activity.
The operation has evolved out of NATO’s immediate response to the terrorist attacks against the United States of 11 September 2001.

The NATO Standing Naval Force Mediterranean and Standing Naval Force Atlantic rotate on a three-monthly basis in Operation Active Endeavour. Some NATO nations, mainly Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey, contribute directly to the operation with naval assets. Escort operations in the Straits of Gibraltar involve the use of fast patrol boats from Northern European Allies Denmark, Germany and Norway. Spain also provides additional assets in the Straits. Operation Active Endeavour relies heavily on the logistic support of Mediterranean NATO Allies. Russia and Ukraine have also offered support and the modalities of their participation are being finalised.


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