UN service medal with clasp Korea
(VN-medaille met gesp Korea)


First date issued 1950
Amount issued

appr. 4000

Value category Below Average

Awarded to members of the Dutch Contingent of the UN Forces in Korea (both on land and at sea) who fought against the communist invasion of Korea. On the back the Dutch text: "voor verrichtingen ter verdediging der beginselen van het handvest der verenigd naties".

In total approximately 2,8 milllion medals were issued of which only 4000 to the Dutch. Medals were issued with the text in respective national languages.

After the issue of this medal all UN-medals were issued as such without clasp or with a clasp which was not fixed to the medal, as was this one.

It is known that this specific medal was re-struck in the Netherlands in the late-90's because some personell were qualified to wear this medal, but had not recieved it yet. That version is of a lower quality with less shiny metal and rough edges.


Korean War mission (NL)
The Korean War (EN)