UN Angola Verification Mission
(VN-medaille UNAVEM)


First date issued 1991
Amount issued


Value category Below Average

UNAVEM I (January 1989--May 1991) verified the total withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola. UNAVEM I I (June 1991--February 1995) verified the peace arrangements agreed by the Angolan Government and UNITA, in accordance with the Peace Accords for Angola, and was later called upon to observe and verify the elections held in September 1992. After renewed fighting broke out between Government and UNITA forces in the aftermath of the elections, UNAVEM II continued its presence in Angola at reduced strength. On 1 February 1995, the Secretary-General recommended to the Security Council that UNAVEM III take over from UNAVEM II to help the parties restore peace and achieve national reconciliation. On 8 February, the Security Council authorized the establishment of UNAVEM III with a maximum strength of 7,000 troops and military support personnel, 350 military observers, 260 police observers and some 420 internationally recruited civilian staff, 300 locally recruited staff and 75 United Nations Volunteers. The date envisaged by the Council for the completion of the UNAVEM III mandate was February 1997.

The Netherlands participated with 116 Observers in UNAVEMII and 117 in UNAVEMIII

Military also recieved the Dutch Commemorative Peacekeeping medal

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