UN Protection Force Medal
(VN-medaille UNPROFOR)


First date issued 1992
Amount issued


Value category Common

Serious fighting in Croatia began in June 1991 when that Republic and its northern neighbour, Slovenia, declared themselves independent from Yugoslavia, and Serbs living in Croatia, supported by the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA), opposed this move. Efforts by the European Community to stop the hostilities in mid-1991 and to resolve the crisis in the framework of the Conference on Yugoslavia had proved unsuccessful.

Initially, established in Croatia as an interim arrangement to create the conditions of peace and security required for the negotiation of an overall settlement of the Yugoslav crisis. UNPROFOR's mandate was to ensure that the three "United Nations Protected Areas" (UNPAs) in Croatia were demilitarized and that all persons residing in them were protected from fear of armed attack. The mandate of UNPROFOR lasted from february 1992 until March 1995 when the Security Council decided to restructure UNPROFOR, replacing it with three separate but interlinked peacekeeping operations.

The Netherlands participated with 9753 military, mainly infantry in the period 10 March 1992 - 20 December 1995.

Military also recieved the 1992 Dutch Commemorative Peacekeeping medal for former Jougoslavia

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