UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
(VN-medaille UNMEE)


First date issued 2000
Amount issued

est 1500

Value category Below Average

In June 2000, after two years of fighting in a border dispute, Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a cessation of hostilities agreement following proximity talks led by Algeria and the Organization of African Unity. In July, the Security Council set up UNMEE to maintain liaison with the parties and establish a mechanism for verifying the ceasefire. In September 2000, the Council authorized deployment within UNMEE of up to 4,200 military personnel to monitor the cessation of hostilities and to help ensure the observance of security commitments.

The Netherlands participated from the start with around 1250 military, mainly Royal Netherlands Marines supported with four Chinook helicopters from the AirForce and the LPD Hr.Ms. Rotterdam. Mid 2001 the majority of the forces returned home, leaving a few "deminers" on site.

Military also recieved the Dutch Commemorative medal for Peacekeeping opertions in Ethiopia and Eritrea


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